This paper explores how to configure Instana and MQ to monitor the IBM MQ running on OpenShift.

Instana sensor connects to the detected MQ to get the monitoring metrics. Typically the connection need to be authenticated againt the OS. However, when MQ is running on container, the default OS based…

The approach for the cloud age

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

The traditional monitoring solution that preciously treats each component individually is no longer being able to cope with the cloud-native world anymore, simply because the number of moving parts is too many in nowadays infrastructure and applications. Auto-discovery, auto-monitoring is kind of a must for cloud age monitoring.

Instana is…

I was exploring Cilium on OpenShift, this paper is a summary of what is required for a container to run properly in OpenShift where SELinux is turned on by default.

The Problem

After installing the Cilium, the hubble-relay is not able to connect to the hubble through the Unix socket and therefore…

Zhimin Wen

Cloud explorer

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