My Interaction with ChatGPT

Zhimin Wen
3 min readJan 18
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

ChatGPT is super hot. Let me record of my three interactions with ChatGPT also.

1. How to Show Whitespaces in Neovim

Search google, most result are just about vim. While when ask ChatGPT,

in neovim, how to show whitespaces

ChatGPT really impressed me with below.

Not only that, it also gives me the following plugin suggestion.

Wow, what a perfect complete answer!

2. DNS override in OpenShift

Let’s ask a specific question that I need to resolve for one of my project.

“Is there a way to override DNS result in OpenShift?”, ChatGPT gives some suggestion to use ExternalName, but that is not what I want, so I asked “not using ExternalName. but configure the OpenShift DNS operator, possible?”.

Wow, this a new knowledge to me! Back to google, search the DNSRecord of OpenShift, from the OpenShift documentation, I am just awared that OpenShift does provide such CRD but seems like its more for internal usage. Asked back,

What a political correct answer ! ;)

3. Command line to create a github organisation

Ask “Use gh command to create a organisation”,

Ok, a confident answer! but when I tried it, I got unknown command “org” for “gh” . Ask chatGPT,

Zhimin Wen